Five Date Night Ideas To Try At Home

Creative ways to have a date night without ever leaving the house.

Staying indoors for a couple of months now has come with some silver linings: your plants are no longer dying; you’ve mastered your skincare routine and you might be spending a lot more time with your partner. All that time together also means you’ve probably settled into a daily routine that’s comfortable yet monotonous. But just because you can’t venture outside for special occasion doesn't mean you can’t shake things up in the romance department. Here are five creative ways to have a memorable date night at home.

Dining In

We’ve all been cooking, baking, and eating our way through lockdown, but at this point, we're all missing a nice meal out. So, why not prepare a special gourmet meal for two together? Whether it's the ambitious braised short ribs recipe you've never had time for or a side of homemade bread – our Zest Dutch Oven is perfect for all your roasting, stewing, and braising needs. Make it a five-star experience by dressing up and setting the table, too. Feeling ambitious? Try making rhubarb upside-down cake for dessert.

Work It Out

The couple that sweats together stays together, right? Roll out the yoga mats and do a workout from Yoga With Adriene, take an Instagram Live HIIT class, or even just meditate. Exercising releases endorphins, which are known as the happy hormones, so afterwards, you’ll not only look good, you’ll also feel good, together.

Movie And Chill

Now is also a good time to catch up on all the TV shows, documentaries and movies you’ve been hearing about, or watch your favorite movie together for the 100th time. If you have a projector, beam your chosen movie on the wall for a cinematic effect. Cozy up on the couch in cashmere jogger sets for him and her or matching robes and get binge-watching. Don’t forget the popcorn.

Game On

A little friendly competition is not a bad thing. Challenge each other to a game of Mario Kart, attempt a jigsaw puzzle together or opt for a classic. Stick to one game or plan a whole tournament to see who emerges as the ultimate champion.

Spa Day

You don’t even have to wait for the weekend, any day can be a spa day. Livestream a free meditation from Calm, break out the essential oils, and light your favorite candle - our Oud Vetiver candle contains Amber and Frankincense known to sooth and calm the mind.