How To Choose The Right Luggage

Sure, nobody is really traveling at the moment, but keep in mind that subpar luggage can make even the most idyllic trip a nightmare. Here's our guide for what makes the best luggage.

Between airport transfers, TSA checkpoints, and then the baggage-claim-induced anxiety, sometimes traveling can be a hassle. What makes things easier, at least when it comes to sheer physical effort, is a reliable piece of rolling luggage. Ideally, the best luggage would be—its contents notwithstanding— lightweight, sturdy, and sleek. After all, you have to lug it around the airport, on public transportation, all the way up your accommodation, and also fill it with your belongings without making it burst. This is why we advocate for hard-shell rolling luggage over any soft-shelled suitcase or weekender bag.

At Italic, there are a few features in a piece of luggage that we swear by, because they combine comfort, durability, and, yes, appearance. Read on to learn more. These rules apply for luggage of any size, but bear in mind that, if you’re looking for the perfect carry-on bag, it should measure up to 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches.

The best shell is made of polycarbonate

To the untrained eye, a hard suitcase is simply made of plastic. Yet, the most common types of plastic you find in suitcases are ABS and polycarbonate. While ABS suitcases tend to be cheap, polycarbonate is flexible, temperature-resistant and even has self-extinguishing properties and transparency. What it means is that  it can be molded into different shapes, which makes it ideal for hard-side luggage. As for transparency, it means that it can be adapted into different colors and patterns. Sure, a black suitcase is always sleek, but we’ve all had that feeling when our luggage was so nondescript that we could not tell it apart from hundreds of others. Well, polycarbonate allows for a rainbow of hues similar to the ones found in the early ‘00s iMacs.

Wheels better keep on turning!

A rolling luggage’s wheels are its biggest assets, and the two main types of wheels are roller wheels and spinner wheels. Roller wheels are fixed, and only move on one axis, and, while they are sturdy and reliable on a lot of different terrains,  you have to tilt your suitcase to drag it, which, in turn, puts pressure on your joints. By contrast, spinner wheels have a 360-degree mobility, which means that it can stand upright and you can also maneuver it right beside you: the four corners are stabilized by four wheels, which requires little strength and little control. If you’re mainly traveling in areas with well-paved roads, we wholly suggest spinner wheels. By contrast, if there’s a lot of uneven terrain in your travels, we suggest you ditch suitcases in favor of backpacks altogether.

Powerbanks are not perks, they’re essentials

Smartphones can do a lot of things, and, in many cases, they replaced digital cameras, GPS navigators, and even recorders. However, their battery life hardly keeps up with their many usages. This is especially true while traveling. Luckily now the latest models of rolling luggage come with a power banks complete with a charging controller. This means you won’t get stranded in the middle of a city while you’re looking for directions, or while trying to call a car. With options including smart luggage generating its own power, you’ll no longer have to beg local businesses if they’ll let you plug in your phone charger.

The best suitcase would make anyone look and feel organized

In an ideal world, we would all have mastered the art of folding and color-coding our clothes to maximize space and volume, but there must be a reason why organizing coaches are in demand: it’s a skill that’s not easy to master. Modern luggage already comes in different compartments, usually separated by mesh. An even handier solution is packing cubes, which create even more compartments. They really come in handy when packing socks and underwear, which usually end up being crammed in any available nooks and crannies. Also, the smallest cubes are great for cables, or even valuables.

Where Italic stands

At Italic, we’ve thought for a long time about how to translate our concept of luxury at cost into travel essentials. The result is our Miles line, a range of both checked and carry-on suitcases that, by sourcing the best materials and components from all around the world, combine form, function, and comfort: a polycarbonate shell with satin finishing; 360-degree Hinamoto wheels, and matte hardware delivers a first-class experience on a budget-friendly price tag.